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Absentia S02

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Runtime: 60 minutes. | Country: Israel, United States. | Language: English.
Writer: Matthew Cirulnick, Gaia Violo.
Actors: Stana Katic, Patrick Heusinger, Matthew Le Nevez, Neil Jackson, Natasha Little, Christopher Colquhoun, Patrick McAuley, Paul Freeman.
Show Summary: The season starts with a young man shooting someone multiple times. Emily is continuing her own investigation into Barrett house and Dr Shen. Flynn is in therapy with Dr. Oduwale to get over his time in captivity. It is also revealed that Alice has had a miscarriage. Jack has begun working as an EMT, and Emily and Tommy have begun a causal relationship. Tommy is helping Emily look for answers and gives her original adoption file. There is a terrorist attack on a federal building and FBI HQ sends Agent Gunnarsen to Boston to help create a profile on the unsub. Flynn and Emily spend time together. As Emily is out buying groceries, she sees a hooded figure watching her. Tommy tracks down Mcnair and it’s revealed that the hooded figure that was watching Emily earlier has several newspaper clippings of her in her camper. The woman reveals to Emily that she’s, her mother.

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Last Episodes Aired: Season 2 • Episode 10
»»»»»»» Season Finale «««««««
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