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Amphibia S03

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy.
Runtime: 12 minutes. | Country: United States, South Korea. | Language: English, Korean.
Writer: Matt Braly.
Actors: Brenda Song, Justin Felbinger, Bill Farmer, Amanda Leighton, On Braly, Brian Sounalath.
Show Summary: The adventures of 13-year-old, self-centered Anne Boonchuy who is magically transported to the fictitious world of Amphibia, a rural marshland full of frog-people. With the help of an excitable young frog named Sprig, Anne will transform into a hero and discover the first true friendship of her life.

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Last Episode Aired: Season 3 • Episode 31
»» The Hardest Thing ««
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