Bad Behaviour S01

Genre: Drama.
Runtime: 60 minutes. | Country: Australia. | Language: English.
Writer: Pip Karmel, Magda Wozniak.
Actors: Erana James, Jana McKinnon, Markella Kavenagh, Yerin Ha, Melissa Kahraman, Dan Spielman, Diana Glenn, Tuuli Narkle.
Show Summary: At the Silver Creek boarding school for girls in the Australian outback, students are largely left to their own devices in their spare time. This series tells the gripping and unsparing story of how the desire to belong sets in motion a cruel dynamic. Follows the haunting teenage experience of now 20-something Joanna Mackenzie, who revisits the year she spent on scholarship in there. Jo and her classmates are tormented by charismatic bully Portia. Soon finding herself in the favour of the cruel and unpredictable Portia, the two begin a highly charged, intimate friendship. Jo experiences the first inklings of her sexual awakening.

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