Epidemiya (To The Lake) S01

Genre: Drama. Sci-Fi, Triller.
Runtime: 60 minutes. | Country: Russia. | Language: Russian.
Writer: Roman Kantor.
Actors: Viktoriya Isakova, Kirill Käro, Aleksandr Robak, Natalya Zemtsova, Maryana Spivak, Yuri Kuznetsov, Eldar Kalimulin, Viktoriya Agalakova, Alexander Yatsenko, Saveliy Kudryashov.
Show Summary: Residents of Moscow are infected with an unknown deadly virus, the main symptoms of which are coughing and discoloration of the eyes; after three to four days, death occurs. As the disease becomes an epidemic, the Russian capital gradually turns into a city of the dead: there is no electricity, money has lost its value, chaos and lawlessness reign everywhere, and gangs of marauders gather.

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