Get Even S01

Genre: Drama, Crime.
Runtime: 28 minutes. | Country: United Kingdom. | Language: English.
Actors: Kim Adis, Jessica Alexander, Bethany Antonia, Mia McKenna-Bruce, Emily Carey, Chris J Gordon, Razan Nassar.
Show Summary: Kitty Wei, Bree Deringer, Margot Rivers and Olivia Hayes form DGM (Don’t Get Mad) to expose the bullies at their school. However, when one of their targets is murdered by an unknown attacker and holds a note saying “DGM” in his hand, the girls realise somebody is trying to frame them for his murder. Kitty attempts to earn team captain on the football team, and when she does not get it, she lies to her parents due to the pressure of their expectations. While at a house party, Ronny takes Mika’s phone and posts photos of her in her underwear.

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