The Game S01

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller.
Runtime: 60 minutes. | Country: United Kingdom. | Language: English.
Writer: Toby Whithouse, Sarah Dollard, Debbie O’Malley.
Actors: Tom Hughes, Brian Cox, Paul Ritter, Shaun Dooley, Chloe Pirrie, Victoria Hamilton, Jonathan Aris, Judy Parfitt, Zana Marjanović.
Show Summary: Joe Lambe is a young MI5 operative in 1972 London. The previous year, Joe had fallen in love with Yulia, one of his Russian contacts. He had tried to defect to the Soviet Union to be with her but Joe was arrested and Yulia was shot by a KGB enforcer he had not encountered before. Joe’s MI5 superior, codenamed “Daddy”, covers for him and insists that the attempted defection was a sanctioned undercover operation gone wrong and that Joe was only acting on the orders given to him; the outcome of the defection had gone awry and was out of Joe’s control.

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