MasterChef US S13 • SD

MasterChef US S13

Genre: Reality.
Runtime: 42 minutes. | Country: United States. | Language: English.
Writer: Adeline Ramage Rooney, Ben Adler, Robin Ashbrook.
Actors: Gordon Ramsay.
Show Summary: MasterChef is based on the British BBC series MasterChef. The competition takes place in the MasterChef soundstage located in Los Angeles, CA which includes a large kitchen area with several cooking stations which is overlooked by a balcony, a well-stocked pantry, a freezer/fridge area and a fine-dining restaurant/seating dining area room used for certain challenges. Once the competition is reduced to either the final two or three competitors, the finalists will compete against each other in a three-course cook-off.

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Last Episodes Aired: Season 13 • Episodes 19-20
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