Les Miserables S01

Genre: Drama.
Runtime: 60 minutes. | Country: United Kingdom, United States. | Language: French, English.
Writer: Agnes Meath Baker, Victor Hugo (novel).
Actors: Domic West, David Oyelowo, David Bradley.
Show Summary: Following the Battle of Waterloo, Thénardier is pursued as he tries to loot the possessions of fallen soldiers. He inadvertently revives a wounded officer, Colonel Georges Pontmercy, as he loots his body. Subsequently in Paris, Colonel Pontmercy tries to visit his young son Marius Pontmercy but is rebuffed by his conservative, monarchist father-in-law Monsieur Gillenormand, who declares that Marius will be brought up to believe he is a scoundrel. Monsieur Gillenormand further declares that he will disinherit Marius if his father tries to establish contact. However, Marius’ aunt finds Colonel Pontmercy in the street and tells him that he may secretly observe Marius when she takes the boy to church.

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