Thirteen S01 • SD | 720p | 1080p H265

Thirteen S01

Genre: Drama.
Runtime: 60 minutes. | Country: United Kingdom. | Language: English.
Writer: Marnie Dickens.
Actors: Jodie Comer, Aneurin Barnard, Valene Kane, Richard Rankin.
Show Summary: Ivy Moxam, now 26, was abducted at age 13 and has been held in a cellar for the last 13 years. Now, she escapes captivity, and is taken to the police station. She meets her family liaison officer, as well as D.I. Carne and D.S. Merchant, who proceed to interview her. Ivy’s family are informed after information leaks to the press, and DNA test results confirm that she is the Moxams’ daughter. The police locate the house of Ivy’s kidnapper, but he has used bleach to remove DNA traces of himself or Ivy. The police identify a face through tracing his bank cards, which lead them to a petrol station where they gain security footage of a man who Ivy confirms as her kidnapper. It is revealed that Henry Stone, the headteacher of Ivy’s school (which she should have been attending on the day of her kidnapping), employed Ivy’s kidnapper and that the kidnapper has taken a second girl, Phoebe, hostage.

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