Gladiators UK 2024 S01

Genre: Reality.
Runtime: 60 minutes. | Country: United Kingdom. | Language: English.
Actors: Bradley Walsh, Barney Walsh, Guy Mowbray.
Show Summary: A new generation of superhumans take on brave contenders in the ultimate test of speed and strength. It’s all-out action, with Bradley and Barney Walsh in charge. It is the second revival of the original 1992 Gladiators series. The format of Gladiators is tournament-based with separate male and female competitions. In each episode, four contenders – two female and two male – compete firstly against the “Gladiators”, a group of elite athletes and bodybuilders, across five speed- and strength-based events to accumulate points. This is followed by a final “Eliminator” event, which is a one-on-one obstacle course competition between the contenders themselves; in each pair, the person who won fewer points during the course of the episode starts the Eliminator with a time handicap.

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Last Episodes Aired: Season 1 • Episodes 10-11
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